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Sudbury Roofing Contractor Daniel M. Fox Restorations knows Sudbury roofs – both old and new.

Sudbury Roofers need to know a little bit of everything when it comes to roofs. This is because Sudbury is home to all kinds of houses, ranging from traditional old colonials (literally from colonial times) to contemporary dwellings. So whether you have an old style home with a decorative copper roof to common asphalt shingles, you want someone who knows these roofing materials backwards and forwards.


Daniel M. Fox Restoration is a Sudbury Roofing Contractor serving the entire area, and is well-known for his deft touch when it comes to the unique roofs that adorn Sudbury’s homes. Here are a few advantages he offers:

  1. More than 25 years of Roofing Excellence – In business for more than a quarter century, Daniel M Fox Restoration has the proven experience you want.
  2. Extremely Familiar with Exotic Roofing Materials –Sudbury roofs are comprised of all manner of roofing materials, including exotic copper, tile, and slate roofs (which require a specialist’s touch). So whatever kind of roof you have, from these exotic materials to common asphalt shingles, Daniel M Fox Restoration can handle it.
  3. The Finishing Touches – Your Sudbury roofer needs to be experienced with all of the extra decorative finishes that adorn many older roofs, such as Copper flashings, decorative facades, peaks, valleys, etc… Daniel M Fox Restoration Inc. performs expert work on all of these.
  4. An Artist’s Eye and Hand –Daniel M. Fox is a true craftsman, which is reflected in the finished product. Your roof will look like a million dollars.
  5. Additional services – Aside from roofing, Daniel M. Fox Restoration performs general contracting, remodeling / rebuilding, and even snow removal.

Serving Sudbury MA (zip code 01776) and the surrounding areas

Sudbury is an awesome place. From the Wayside Inn (the nation’s oldest operating inn) to notable residents like Babe Ruth and Henry Ford, Sudbury has a rich, storied history. This history is reflected in its roofs as well – everything from the decorative architecture of colonial times to clean, modern designs. This is why Daniel M Fox is the Sudbury Roofing Contractor of choice – whether the roof is historic and made of exotic materials or is fully modern, Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. can handle the job with the skill and dependability that comes with 25 successful years in business. Contact us here.


An old piano and the Curse of the Bambino

Now that the Red Sox have won a few World Series, we can lay the “Curse of the Bambino” to rest. But it is interesting to note that Sudbury plays a part in that. Babe Ruth’s old piano was said to reside at the bottom of Willis Pond in western Sudbury (Ruth lived nearby, and reportedly pushed the piano in), and was one possible source of the curse. There was an expedition to recover it, and indeed, piano parts were found, although there’s no way to know if they were actually Ruth’s.

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Town of Sudbury Department of Public Works Building
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Tommy Moberg – Assistant Building Inspector
Mark Herweck – Building Inspector
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Kathleen Plante – Office Supervisor
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