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Arlington Roofing Contractor Daniel M. Fox is the Leading Choice for Arlington Residents Who Need an Expert Roofer.

Arlington residents looking for a roofer with experience and a deft touch call on Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. for their roofing work. This is because Daniel M. Fox is skilled across all levels of roofs: from the historic copper and slate roofs that adorn many of Arlington’s homes to newer construction that utilizes conventional asphalt shingles, Daniel M. Fox gets the job done.

This “dual skillset” across roofing materials both exotic and common is part of what sets the company apart. Here are some of the advantages that you get when you call on Daniel M Fox.

  • 25 years of Roofing Experience – Daniel M. Fox has been working on Arlington roofs for more than 25 years. You need to be really good to last that long.
  • All manner of roofing materials are handled – If there’s one thing that Arlington roofs have in common is the fact that they can consist of almost any roofing material. This means the more exotic materials (like copper and slate) are no problem. But this expertise also extends to modern asphalt and rubber materials. Or even a mix of the two (say an asphalt roof with decorative copper trim.)
  • A Meticulous Job – Daniel M. Fox Restoration not only does stellar work, but also pays great attention to neatness, safety, and the rest of your home. The jobsite is neat and orderly, and your home and yard are treated with the utmost respect.
  • A Roofing Craftsman – It’s worth repeating – there is not another Arlington Roofing Contractor like Daniel M. Fox. The quality of his work is well-known.
  • Additional building-related services – Besides roofing in Arlington, Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. handles several other building and home improvement projects, such as general contracting, remodels, repairs, and even snow removal.
    • 25 years of Roofing Experience – Daniel M. Fox has been in business for more than a quarter century. This is proven experience that you can rely on.
    • Extremely Familiar with Both New and Exotic Roofing Materials – Holliston roofs come in all flavors, from new construction and roofing technologies to positively old-school materials like exotic copper, tile, and slate roofs (and these require a truly experienced roofer). This means regardless of what type of roof you have – from asphalt shingles to rubber-based materials to the historic coppers and slates that make up many older roofs – Daniel M Fox Restoration can handle it.
    • A Safe, Clean Job – Daniel M. Fox Restoration carries a stellar reputation for safety and cleanliness. Roofing can be messy work, but you’ll be amazed at how orderly and “un-chaotic” your roofing project will be.
    • An Experienced Touch – Daniel M. Fox is a true roofing craftsman, which will be evident when you gaze upon your new roof. The finished product will exceed your expectations.
    • Additional services – Besides roofing in Holliston, Daniel M. Fox Restoration performs general contracting, remodeling, repairs, and even snow removal.

Serving Arlington MA (zip codes 02474 & 02476) and the surrounding areas

Arlington can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to local history. That’s the price you pay when the neighboring towns were so prominent in the Revolutionary War. But as residents know, Arlington’s past is deep, rich, and long-standing. Sometimes it’s good to be the place where shots weren’t fired!

The history can be seen in any direction you look. From grand old houses to preserved outdoor spaces to historic trails, Arlington is a beautiful place, and Daniel M Fox Restoration Inc. helps keep it that way. If we can help you either now or in the future, simply contact us here..

The Real Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam Memorial Statue resides in the center of town, honoring native son and Revolutionary and War of 1812 veteran Samuel Wilson. Erected during the country’s bicentennial in 1976, the statue honors a man who many feel is the “real” Uncle Sam. In the war of 1812, his duties included being the meat inspector for the Northern Army, and his seal of approval was E.A.- U.S.” (standing for the actual company that supplied the meat.) Many soldiers knew of Sam and his nickname “Uncle Sam”, and the “US” in the seal became associated with him.
And thus a legend is born.

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