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A Revolutionary Idea – Hire a Concord MA Roofing Contractor who Understands the Historical Aspect (and Building Materials) of Vintage Roofs.

There is no more unique town than Concord, MA. From the rich history of the area to the astonishingly beautiful historic homes that dot the landscape, Concord MA is a special place.

Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. is the Concord roofer of choice for area residents. This is largely due to the fact that he’s one of the only Concord Roofing Contractors to specialize in the historic building materials that make up area roofs. Roofing materials like slate and copper roofs, tile roofs, metal roofs, clay roofs, and (of course) common asphalt shingles.

With more than 25 years of experience, and a deft touch in preserving the historical features that adorn area roofs (like copper valleys, decorative flashings, etc.), Daniel M. Fox should be your first call.

Concord MA Roofs Need Special Care

To begin, certain professional considerations need to be known by your roofing contractor when working in and around Concord. In a word, Concord is a special place, and before work can start on many of the homes, there has to be an OK from the Historic District. Daniel M Fox Restoration Inc. is familiar with these protocols, and is an expert at preserving the historic beauty of the area’s homes. From the most exotic materials to the decorative flashings and facings, the Artisan touch of Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. is welcome.

Concord also recently banned the sale of plastic water bottles, so you can be sure we won’t be drinking bottled water on the job (we’ll bring a thermos, much like our colonial forefathers did… ok, not really, but we will bring our own thermos!)

In addition to any and all roofing work, Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. also performs these additional services for our Concord (zip code 01742) clients:

  • Carpentry Services of all types
  • Slate replacement and maintenance
  • We work on Copper Valleys, Hips, Ridges, and Gutters
  • Copper Bay Windows are a specialty as well
  • Snow removal (which is very necessary here in the cold Northeast)

To sum it up, Concord roofing contractor Daniel M Fox Restoration Inc. is here to assist you with any type of roof repair (or similar). Contact us with confidence.

Some useful Concord roofing and related links / contact info:

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Concord, MA Building Commissioner/Zoning Enforcement Officer

Town of Concord Building Department – John Ross Minty, Jr.

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