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Dedham Roofing Contractor Daniel M. Fox Restoration Handles all Manner of Dedham Roofing Needs.

Dedham is an area known for history, and some of the finest looking homes in all of Massachusetts. And some great looking roofs, too, especially the historic copper and slate style.

  1. And Dedham roofer Daniel M Fox Restoration handles any and all roofing projects area residents have. From common asphalt to historic copper to anything in between, there is no better choice than Daniel M Fox Restoration Inc. Here’s why:


    1. More than 25 Years of Roofing Experience – Dedham roofers come and go, but Daniel M. Fox has been at it for more than a quarter century. You don’t last that long unless you are really good at what you do.
    2. Unmatched Experience with Exotic Roofing Materials – While asphalt shingles are today’s most common roofing material, many Dedham homes have the older style copper and slate roofs (or decorative flashings, etc.) Daniel M Fox works on all of these – from asphalt shingles to copper to slate, tile, and metal roofs, nothing is off limits.
    3. A Professional Job Every Time – A complete, artisan-level job awaits your roof. Plus, you’ll be impressed by the jobsite and the care taken to ensure the safety of you, your family, your home, and our workers as well. We’re also fully insured.
    4. Any Size or Shape Roof – We do the jobs other Dedham roofing contractors pass on.
    5. Additional Services, like Remodeling/Building and Snow Removal – We handle remodeling, home improvements, and during the tough New England Winters, we remove snow. Call on us for complete service.

Serving Dedham MA (zip codes 02026 & 02027) and the surrounding areas

Dating back to the 1600’s, Dedham is easily one of the oldest towns in the United States. It’s also home to the Fairbanks House, which is the oldest surviving timber frame house in North America. The gabled roof harkens back to a historic style that dots many of the areas homes, whether they were built hundreds of years ago or just recently.

This is important to note when looking for a roofing contractor in Dedham. You want someone experienced with both the easy and hard roofs (like the roofs with gables, steep pitches, and old-world decorative touches.) That Dedham roofer is Daniel M. Fox Restoration. In fact, no matter what type (or shape) of roof or roofing material you have, you can feel confident when we’re on the job.

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A Question of Speed and Doing the Job Right

As previously mentioned, the Town of Dedham has been around for well over 300 years. And it seems the road construction on Route 95 & Route 109 has been going on that entire time! (Forgive us if you’re currently employed on that project – we know it’s the politicians fault!) But seriously, it’s been more than six years. We point that out because it’s an easy contrast to make with Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. – no matter your roofing need, we’ll handle it quickly, professionally, and get you back to “normal” living in record time. That’s a promise – you can call on us with the assurance that we’ll show up on time, and actually finish the job!

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