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Holliston Roofing Contractor Daniel M. Fox Restoration Maintains the Balance between Modern and Historic Roofing Construction

Holliston Roofers have their hands full when they work in or around the town. That’s because, unlike many of the surrounding towns, Holliston has more “newer” construction than historical. However, there are still some older / historic homes, so the Holliston Roofer you choose needs to be able to handle anything you need. That’s exactly what Daniel M. Fox Restoration does.

Daniel M. Fox Restoration is a Holliston Roofing Contractor serving the entire 01776 area, and is well-versed in newer roofing techniques, as well as experienced with older roofing materials as well. Your roof could not be in better hands:


  • 25 years of Roofing Experience – Daniel M. Fox has been in business for more than a quarter century. This is proven experience that you can rely on.
  • Extremely Familiar with Both New and Exotic Roofing Materials – Holliston roofs come in all flavors, from new construction and roofing technologies to positively old-school materials like exotic copper, tile, and slate roofs (and these require a truly experienced roofer). This means regardless of what type of roof you have – from asphalt shingles to rubber-based materials to the historic coppers and slates that make up many older roofs – Daniel M Fox Restoration can handle it.
  • A Safe, Clean Job – Daniel M. Fox Restoration carries a stellar reputation for safety and cleanliness. Roofing can be messy work, but you’ll be amazed at how orderly and “un-chaotic” your roofing project will be.
  • An Experienced Touch – Daniel M. Fox is a true roofing craftsman, which will be evident when you gaze upon your new roof. The finished product will exceed your expectations.
  • Additional services – Besides roofing in Holliston, Daniel M. Fox Restoration performs general contracting, remodeling, repairs, and even snow removal.

Serving Holliston MA (zip code 01776) and the surrounding areas

It’s a bit ironic, with all of the history the surrounding area is known for, that Holliston gets the “1776” zip code. But even though the area “looks” newer in terms of home age, there’s plenty of history here. Like the Balancing Rock, which legend has it George Washington himself tried to push over. That the rock still teeters today is a testament to the hardiness of the town and its people, and to the roofs that Daniel M. Fox works on too. Will those same roofs still be here 240 years from now? Well, no promises, but here’s hoping!

If we can help you either now or in the future, simply contact us here.

Casey at the Bat

We all know Holliston’s Mudville neighborhood is the setting for Casey at the Bat. We were here first, and that’s that. But overheard at last year’s Taste of Holliston was a resident of Stockton CA claiming the same. Can you believe that? The nerve of those sun baked Californians… not only do they have to steal the Dodgers and Giants (although many here would say “well done” to that), they want Casey too. Well, we’re not giving in here. Maybe we should send the Sox over to straighten this out.

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Building Department:

Town Hall – Holliston MA

703 Washington Street
Holliston, MA
(508) 429-0606

Website: http://www.townofholliston.us/building-department

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Lisa Kirby – Administrative Assistant
Paul Elder – Plumbing & Gas Inspector
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