Types of Roofs in Massachusetts

Characteristics of Each Type of Roof

When choosing to replace or repair a roof, it is important to understand the different types of roofs in Massachusetts that are best. Understanding the difference between each roof type will be helpful in deciding what type of roof to choose. The roofing contractor would be able to help the homeowner to decide what type of roof will work best for their house.

Here are the different types of roofs in Massachusetts that are most commonly used:

Tile Roof

A tile roof offers a Mediterranean look to a house. This choice of roof is becoming increasingly popular in the US. Many European countries use this roof type as their standard, but the style has just been growing in the US in the last decade. Tile roofs are made to look like their more expensive clay counterparts with the curvature that is so appealing. This type of tile is made by a kiln glazed ceramic or it is cast in concrete.

Slate Roofs

A slate roof is common type of roof in Massachusetts. This type of roof has a couple of options. Homeowners can choose between original slate and imitation slate. The imitation slate is a bit less expensive. The imitation slate weighs a bit less than the original slate roofs and both look identical from the curbside view.

Rubber Roof

A rubber roof can only be used on a flat type of roof. This is an excellent choice for unique situations. This type of roof works best to prevent leaks, because flat surfaces can accumulate much more weight when it rains or snows. It is important to have the right types of roof in Massachusetts that will withstand the weather and other elements. A rubber roof may help to keep the long term investment costs down, because it can work well to prevent leaks and other roof damage over time.

Asphalt Roofs

An asphalt roof is one of the most common types of roofs in Massachusetts. Asphalt roofing is one of the most manufactured, making it one of the most affordable and the most versatile. Homeowners can choose between a variety of textures, colors patters and shapes. With these options, a different aesthetic can be created on each individual household all for a relatively cheap price.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are making a comeback. They are usually seen in modern style homes that are featured in magazines such as Architecture Digest. Although the lifespan for a metal roof is not nearly as long as with a tile or slate roof, it can offer a great choice that is an economical option to create a brand new look for a home. The average time it takes to install this type of roof is similar to that of an asphalt roof.

Wood Shingle Roofs

Wood shingles are used mainly because of their look and durability. Wood can stand up to the elements of nature. There are many types of roofs in Massachusetts and it is important to choose the type that will stand up to the weather. Many homeowners choose cedar roofs due to the aesthetics of the wood. This type of wood is easy to obtain, so it can be cost effective when compared to other types of wood that are used on roofs.

It is important to determine the long term outcome with each roof type when planning to replace or repair a roof.

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