Textured House Paint – Top 5 Articles

Top 5 Articles about Textured House Paint:

When homeowners decide to start using textured paint in their homes, it’s usually something that is new to them. Textured paint can add a three-dimensional look to your walls and other parts of your home that could be ideal additions to your home’s décor. Before you get started using textured paints, you should do research on them to understand what they are and how to use them. As you are looking for the best articles on textured house paint, there are some elements you should be looking for in each article.

Experienced Author

It takes years to become proficient in using textured house paints. When you start looking for articles that talk about how to use these special paints, make sure that the author is an experienced professional on using these products. An experienced author will be able to give an accurate overview of textured paints and also give you helpful hints on the best ways to work with them.
Another advantage to reading the work of an experienced painter is that he has seen special situations that can arise while in the process of working on a project and he can point out ways to solve these problems.

Materials List

Using textured paints requires a specific list of materials that include sponge applicators and very specific tools used to mix the paints as well as apply them. A comprehensive materials list should be part of any article you read about textured paints. Once the author is done explaining how to use the paints, he needs to let you know the best materials and equipment to use to get the job done.


Even the best authors can find it difficult to properly explain how to apply textured house paint in a manner that any reader can understand. Most authors try to avoid including a lot of technical jargon to make it easier for the average person to read and utilize the articles. That is why having a lot of pictures in an article on using textured house paint can be extremely helpful. As the author is explaining an application process, there can be pictures accompanying the description that make it easier to understand what is being said.

In some cases, the author may leave out processes that he considers to be basic painting methods but could be foreign to the average homeowner. The pictures in an article will help to show everything that needs to be done, including the basic processes that an experienced painter may forget to mention in a textured house paint article.

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