Slate Roof Repair in Massachusetts

Massachusetts offers a beautiful countryside, but this does not come without the weather that can drastically affect a homeowner’s roof. Weather can cause all sorts of damage over time to a roof. This damage can gradually become worse over time, so if a homeowner notices that their roof is beginning to show signs of damage, it is important to seek advice from a professional right away to avoid damage that will require a roof replacement. We offer slate roof repair in Massachusetts, and can come out to offer a free estimate when damage has been noticed on your roof.

Slate roof repair can be a bit different than other types of roofs. Individual roof slates can be replaced depending upon the damage that has been done to the roof, without replacing the entire roof. This is why it is vital to call a repair specialist to come and check out the damage on a roof as soon as the damage is noticed. The longer that a person waits to have their roof checked, the higher the chances that additional damage will occur. Sometimes repairing the slate roof can be easier than other roof types.

There are a few methods that can be used when handling slate roof repair. The method that is used will depend upon the type of damage that the roof incurred. Leaky and damaged slates will need to be replaced. A roofing specialist will cut the nail that is hidden and remove the damaged slate. It is important that the roofing specialist use the appropriate size slate to replace it with. They can have a slate that has a three inch allowance for head lap. The slate will be slid into the correct spot and nailed into place. A copper nail is usually used and a copper bid is placed over the nail.

Some slate roof repairs can be done using aluminum, but there are others that should not. It is highly recommended that a roofing specialist make these judgements and repairs, due to the high risks. When making such repairs, it is important to be sure that the fastener has not already corroded. If corrosion occurs, the roof can continue to move down, which ultimately exposes the roof.  In this situation, a roofing specialist will know exactly what to do and how to remedy the situation.

It is important to beware of temporary fixes that can cause more damage than good. Slate roof repair in Massachusetts can include fixes that are not safe. For example, a slate roof that is covered with cement can wash away over time and potentially cause some harm to the roof. The ideal roofing repair solution should not be temporary, but long lasting. It is for this reason that choosing a qualified, trained and experienced roofing specialist is essential. Roof repair is riddled with so many intricate details and warnings that only a trained professional can recognize them. In choosing a roofing specialist, you will be able to effectively repair and maintain your roof for years to come.

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