Our Services

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

At Daniel Fox Roofing, INC, we are a professional roofer’s company with expertise in asphalt shingle roofing services in Newton, MA 

Spanish and Asbestos Tile Roofing

If you consider using asbestos tiles on your roof, we can install them in your space. Spanish tiles are durable and efficient, using less material than other roofing.

Slate and Copper Maintenance & Restoration

We offer the most reliable slate and copper roofing services in Newton, MA Our team provides quality workmanship and prompt assistance.

All Types of Gutter Services

Clogged gutters can cause water infiltration and can increase the potential for costly damage to your roof and foundation. Our qualified professionals can quickly diagnose

Roof Repair Services

Suppose your roof is leaking and you are experiencing water damage. In that case, we deliver the best roof repair services in Newton, MA with help from the experts at

Roof Maintenance Services

Solve your roofing problems and prevent future damage with our roofing repair and maintenance services in Newton, MA We have been successfully providing 

Rubber Roofing Service (Flat Roofs)

We are a company with a mission to provide resilient, low-maintenance, and cost-effective rubber roofing services in Newton, MA We are a pro at installing an extensive range 


Snow & Ice Removal Services

If you live in an area that experiences winter weather conditions, then you are probably aware of the dangers of snow and ice. Our most professional snow & ice removal services in Newton, MA,


Fascia And Soffit Replacement

Fuscia & soffit system protects your rooflines from water infiltration and noise insulation. When it starts to deteriorate, this vital system can cause problems. If your fascia or soffit looks a little crispy, we at Daniel Fox Roofing Co.