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Call on a Weston Roofing Contractor who can tackle even the toughest roof repair – including slate and copper roofs.

Weston is an area that has some of the most beautiful homes in all of Massachusetts. And Daniel M Fox Restoration is the Weston Roofing Contractor who is trusted to handle repairing and installing the diverse, attractive roofs that are common to the area.

Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. is the Weston roofer with more than 25 years of experience. But it’s not just the years that matter; it’s the types of roofs they work with as well. Besides handling common asphalt roofs, the company also specializes in exotic roofing materials, including the slate and copper roofs that crown many of Weston’s (rather handsome) homes.

This is an important distinction, as these types of materials require skill that goes beyond the norm. In fact, one could call Daniel M Fox Restoration roofing artisans. Regardless of roof type – be it asphalt shingles, rubber, clay, metal, slate, or copper, Daniel M. Fox Restoration is the company to call if the roof is in Weston.

Roofers come in all shapes and sizes (just like the roofs themselves).

To be honest, there are a number of roofing contractors in Weston. But how many have 25+ years of experience? It’s a fair question, and one that should be asked when you have someone working in your home, on your roof.

In those 25 years, Daniel M Fox Restoration has seen it all, and has been on some of Weston’s most beautiful roofs. The company also specializes in being non-intrusive; maintaining a clean, orderly job site; and, above all, putting safety first. We’re fully insured, and ready to tackle any roofing need you may have.

In addition to handling any kind of roof repair, restoration, and/or a completely new install, we also perform the following services for our Weston (zip code 02493) clients:

  • Carpentry Services
  • Slate replacement and maintenance
  • Copper Valleys / Gutters
  • Copper Hips and Ridges
  • Copper Bay Windows
  • Snow removal

As always, Weston roofing contractor Daniel M Fox Restoration Inc. is ready to provide you with exceptional, reliable service – service and expertise that you can count on. Contact us with the utmost confidence.

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