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The Reasons are Clear – Needham Roofing Contractor Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc is the One to Hire.

Here’s Why:

There are several factors that should go into your decision in hiring a Roofing Contractor. Needham residents have it easy, though, as Daniel M Fox Restoration Inc. has been handling roofing for Needham MA homes for a quarter century.

Here are some reasons to consider them for your next roofing project:

  1. 25 Years of Experience – Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. has been working on Needham’s roofs since Bush Sr. was president.
  2. Exceptionally Proficient with the more Exotic Roofing Materials – Not all roofs are made of asphalt (this is especially true in Needham). Roofing contractor Daniel M. Fox Restoration has experience with slate, tile, clay, metal, and copper roofs. This is in addition to common asphalt shingles.
  3. We Handle the Decorative Touches – Your Needham roofer should be experienced with things like Copper flashings and trim, decorative facades, peaks, valleys, etc… Daniel M Fox Restoration makes these a specialty.
  4. Daniel M Fox is a “Roofing Artisan” – Craftsman-level work is exactly what you should expect when you hire Daniel M Fox Restoration Inc. When it comes to your home, accept no substitutes.
  5. The Extra Services – Besides caring for Needham’s roofs, Daniel M Fox restoration Inc. also performs carpentry services (such as remodels and building), and even handles snow removal.

Serving Needham, MA (zip code 02492) and the surrounding areas

Needham is a true Boston suburb, and sports a wide-variety of homes. There are newer developments, older historic homes, and homes that fall somewhere in-between. And Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. is the Needham roofer who has the experience to work on them all, regardless of the home’s age, condition, or roofing material. Even if your home is part slate and part copper, Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. has you covered (both literally and figuratively).

Your list of Needham Roofing Contractors just got smaller – there’s Daniel M. Fox, and then there’s everyone else. Contact us here.

A Beef that led to Brighton

Because Needham Roofing Contractor Daniel M. Fox advertises his proficiency with copper roofs, people ask “why is copper used in some roofs anyway?” Well, the answer lays in its strength, beauty, and longevity. Yes, it’s more expensive, but consider the fact that it can last centuries, and you can see the reason it’s used. To give an example, we know the ancient Romans used copper for the roof of the Pantheon in 27 B.C. And the copper roof installed on St Mary’s Cathedral in Hildesheim Germany survives to this day (which is impressive considering it was installed in 1280). No, we didn’t do that one, but would be happy to work on it if they called!

Some useful Needham, MA roofing and building info, with related links:

Building Department

Town of Needham Public Services Administration Building
500 Dedham Ave.
Needham, MA
(781) 455-7550

Building Department

General: M-F 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Customer Counter: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Permit Submission/Pick-up 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
File Folder review: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

David A. Roche, CBO – Building Commissioner
Stephen A. O’Neil, CBO – Assistant Building Commissioner
Larry E. Lench, CBO – Local Building Inspector
Henry L. Fontaine, CBO – Local Building Inspector
William A. Kinsman – Plumbing & Gas Inspector
Scott W. Chisholm – Wiring Inspector
Christina D. Hooper – Administrative Specialist
Adrianne A. Banks – Department Assistant

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