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Hire a Brookline Roofing Contractor who specializes in all manner of roofs – including slate and copper.

If you need a roofing contractor in Brookline, MA, then look no further than Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc.

In business for more than 25 years, Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. handles every type of roof and roofing material, including the unique slate and copper roofs that are so prominent in Brookline, MA. Roofers need to be experienced to work with this material, and also have a deft, artisan touch, which is a Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. signature.

** Of course, we expertly handle asphalt shingle roofs, rubber roofs, clay, metal, and any other roofing material as well…

Brookline’s Architecture is Special, Requiring a Specialized Roofer

Brookline features a wealth of historic homes and buildings, many sporting rather unique architecture. There are multiple gables, many steep pitches, copper, slate, tile, and more. These historic homes and beautiful roofs add to the area’s appeal, making it one of the more prominent Boston suburbs.

Daniel M. Fox Restoration Inc. is extremely familiar with Brookline and her roofs, having worked on dozens of area homes. Look down your street, and you’re likely to spy a roof that Daniel has touched. Brookline roofing contractors come no better. We handle repairs, restorations, and new installations. If it’s a roof or roof-related, we work on it.

And besides roofs of any material, we also offer the following services in Brookline:

Serving Belmont MA (zip code 02478) and the surrounding areas

Make no mistake – Belmont is easily one of the nicest looking towns in not only the state of Massachusetts, but in the entire country as well. There are stately homes that date back decades, and even centuries. And these homes not only look grand, but they have some really interesting decorative features: Ornate woodwork; Stonework that has stood the test of time; and on the roofs, all kinds of old-world touches, like copper flashings, peaks, valleys, and more.

Daniel M Fox Restoration Inc has the experience and craftsmanship expertise that these majestic homes deserve. You are hiring someone who is not intimidated by how nice the home is, or the materials used. Every home is lovingly treated with respect, and your roofing job will satisfy you completely. Belmont roofing contractors come no finer.

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Brookline’s Architecture is Special, Requiring a Specialized Roofer

Here are some resources for Brookline residents to assist with any remodeling or building project:


Dangers of heavy snow on roofs (important for Massachusetts winters)

Brookline Solar roof study committee

Brookline Building Permits

Brookline roofing contractor Daniel M Fox Restoration Inc. is proud to serve our Massachusetts neighbors with quality work, integrity, and courteous service that go above and beyond what you expect. Contact us with confidence.

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