Importance of Your Roof When Insulating Your Home

Insulation is considered as one of the key climate friendly technologies as it helps you conserve power without high-tech and costly appliances. Efficient insulation minimizes energy loss during harsh winter by keeping inside as much heat as possible. Much energy is wasted when heat escapes through your roof and your heating appliances have to work extra hard in order to make up for the loss. Many households have experienced up to 40% savings on heating bills and energy consumption with better insulation.

The importance of a well-insulated roof

The roof of your house plays a vital role whether you’re losing heat or conserving it. Since hot air is lighter than cold air, it rises fast and normally a quarter of your heat escapes through your roof. This is simple thermodynamics. As the warm air rises above, it rests against the roof and is constantly looking for spaces from where it can escape. Even if it cannot escape, it warms your roof and since your roof is colder from the outside, it tries to maintain an equilibrium, and as a result, the cold from the outside enters your interiors, making them colder.

Since you cannot do without comfortably heated interiors, you either need to increase the power of your heating equipment, or you need to run it for a longer time. This not only waste your money, it is also a big strain on fossil fuels that you might be consuming.

On the other hand, if your roof is well-insulated all the heat remains inside and consequently, you don’t have to use more power to keep the cold out.

Although winter is approaching, an insulated roof also protects you against the direct heat falling from above during summers. It’s your roof that bears the maximum brunt and consequently, is simmering hot during summer. But right now, lets talk about conserving heat during winter.

There are various forms of installations available on the market that can be implemented seamlessly. Whether your roof is already built or it is still being constructed, various solutions are available at great discounts and rebates if you avail them through the Mass Save Program. Learn more about the program from my previous post.

Benefits of roof insulation:

  • Less consumption of power: Since most of the heat remains inside, less power is needed to keep your interiors comfortably warm.
  • Less power expenditure: As mentioned above, since 40% of your heat might be escaping through your roof, it practically means that 40% of the money you’re spending on heating is just flying away through your roof. Wouldn’t you like to save it?
  • Less strain on the environment: Since you will be reducing your dependence on fossil fuels by using natural means, you will be putting less strain on the environment.

Wondering how you can insulate your roof in the most effective manner? Check out my post on Making your home more energy efficient in Massachusetts, to know more.

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