How to Roof a House Using Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a common material used in roofing today. Many people use this type of roof due to the economical price and the durability. This type of roof has lower labor costs than most, because it is fairly easy to install when compared to other roof types used on houses. Here are instructions on how to roof a house using asphalt shingles.

Roof Installation Steps

  • Beginning with this roofing project, it is important to lay down the foundation for the shingles. A sheathing base usually of ½ inch of plywood can be used as the foundation.
  • Install a starter strip of asphalt to get started. This can be backing of the asphalt single. This will prevent leaks that can come through.
  • Stagger the shingles as they are laid. Using pre-cut asphalt shingles are helpful with this step. Most of the time it can be beneficial to have the shingles cut getting progressively bigger as they are laid.
  • Lay the shingles in a way so as not to leave any open spaces. When the shingles are not overlapping one another, this can create a space that water can leak into. The leak can occur through a nail hole. Water can get through very small spaces, so it is important the shingles are installed in such a way that prevents water from leaking into any cracks. Overlapping prevents this.
  • Make sure to have the first shingle hang over the edge of the roof at least by 1/8 inch. This will help the water to drain away from the roof and house to prevent deterioration.
  • Use a layout guide when laying the asphalt shingles. This will be helpful to be sure that each and every area is adequately covered.
  • Use a proper seal around plumbing and vents. Using flange that is adhered with roofing tar usually is the standard.
  • Lay the shingles so they lap over the peak of the roof, trimming away any excess asphalt shingles. There should be specific ridge shingles that lay over the top of the peak on the roof. Sometimes a plastic vent is placed on top of the shingles at the peak of the roof. When learning how to roof a house using asphalt shingles, it is important to pay close attention to the peak of the roof. This should have special instructions.

It is important to weather proof the roof. If in a hurricane prone climate, using hurricane strips that are attached to a truss or a rafter inside could provide extra support. For colder and snow prone climates, a snow and ice shield installed over the plywood and beneath the shingles will provide a longer lasting roof.

When learning how to roof a house using asphalt shingles, it is important that the roof has been properly stripped before laying a new asphalt roof. This will make the difference between good quality installation and poor quality installation. Contacting a quality professional equipped and trained to correctly and safely install these rooves would be the sure proof way to get the ideal results.

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