Chimney Repair

Professional Chimney Repair Services in Newton, MA, MA

If smoke comes out of your chimney, it might be time to have your chimney repaired. A broken or damaged liner can allow soot and smoke to escape from your fireplace, which is unsightly and could lead to serious health problems. After a thorough chimney inspection, our experts can determine if the damage is minor or significant and if the job requires a full or partial liner replacement. Our contractor may replace the lining with a more robust steel or aluminum material if the lining is compromised. It will help prevent soot and smoke from exiting the chimney and entering your home.

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Our top-quality craft paired with personal attention will win your heart. Our professionals at Danny Fox Roofing, INC. are keen to provide quality work.

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Our trained crew is utterly professional. Danny Fox Roofing, INC has a team of licensed and insured technicians.

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We check the materials and carefully pay attention to all your roofing needs. We guarantee you quality craft at Danny Fox Roofing, INC. Our professional crew will be available to you so you can consult for accurate assessments and recommendations.

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We focus on the requirements of our clients and do a commendable job for customer satisfaction. We ensure you'll receive excellent services from us.

We specialize in fixing all types of chimneys, from masonry to metal, and after diagnosing the problems, we tend to fix them in no time. Our services for repairing chimneys include patching and caulking, installing a new flashing or mesh system, and corrective repair of mortar or joint failure. We have skilled engineers to give you a safe and secure experience at its best.

Features You Can Enjoy

We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to fix any issue with your chimney. We also clean the debris inside and outside of the chimney. And finally, we’ll check for any other possible damage the problem may have caused. We’ll seal the repairs with a permanent coating if everything looks good. It’s essential to have your chimney repaired if there is an issue – trust us; we minimize your damage and worry!

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We at Danny Fox Roofing, INC laid the foundation of our business in 1987, making us one of the top most prominent roofing companies. We are award-winning, committed individuals that provide round-the-clock emergency repair and maintenance services in the area. Our expert team excels in delivering and describing the benefits from the first step to the last. Our client-centric behavior has got us this far in the field.
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