How to Repair a Leak in a Shingle Roof

Has your shingle roof developed a leak? The good thing about shingled roofs is that damage is localized in most of the cases, and there are set areas where damage is prone to manifest. Leaks and other problems on shingled roofs normally occur where the two shingles meet, or areas around chimneys and vents where […]

Best Colors for Painting a Bathroom

The best colors to use for painting a bathroom depend on the kind of look you want for your bathroom. There are several situations where certain colors would be appropriate while other colors may not give the desired effect. As you analyze your bathroom painting project, you should spend some time becoming familiar with the […]

How Copper Can Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Roof

For thousands of years, architects have used copper as a way to enhance the aesthetic beauty of homes, offices and large structures. Copper has been used for complete roofs, downspouts, domes, spires, wall cladding, gutters and flashing. Due to its durability and resistance to most environmental corrosion, it creates a unique and stunning patina unlike […]

What to Expect during a Home Roof Inspection

Any individual looking to sell or buy a home needs to have a home roof inspection performed on the house. By law, the seller will be obligated to disclose the condition of the roof when selling a home. However, without a thorough inspection the condition of the roof might appear all right, even when it […]

A Winter Survival Guide for your Roof

In many parts of the country, wintertime can be extremely harsh on an individual’s skin, the car, and especially the roof of the home. How extremely cold it gets, and the amount of precipitation in the region, will both play key roles in determining how much preparation needs to be done to prepare the roof […]

Comparison between Different Roof Shingling Materials

While asphalt shingles are considered the standard in most modern day newly constructed homes, there are other alternatives. A key factor in determining what type of roofing material will be installed is usually based on budget. Other important considerations often include the architectural style of the home, the climate in the region, and the impact […]

How Homeowners Choose New Roofing Materials

Homeowners that find they are in need of a new roof should consider the options of available materials. The historical weather conditions where the home resides can often play a key factor in selecting the best types of materials for the house. A house must withstand the force of nature and deal with all types […]