Best Colors for Painting a Bathroom

The best colors to use for painting a bathroom depend on the kind of look you want for your bathroom. There are several situations where certain colors would be appropriate while other colors may not give the desired effect. As you analyze your bathroom painting project, you should spend some time becoming familiar with the different ways in which colors can be utilized to get different results.

Natural Light

If you paint your walls a lighter color, then you will be able to utilize the natural light during the day and reduce the need to turn on artificial lights. You do not need to paint the walls with reflective paint to get the results you are looking for. Using bright colors will do just fine.

Smaller Bathrooms

Once again, lighter colors in a bathroom can create several different effects. If you have a smaller bathroom and want to create the illusion of size, then painting your walls brighter colors can accomplish this. You should also paint your ceiling the same color as your walls to help enhance the effect of having a larger bathroom. The brighter colors will reflect the light in such a way that creates a more open feeling. By using the same color on the ceiling as you do the walls, the lack of distinction between the walls and the ceiling helps create the illusion of size.

Dark Colors

Darker colored walls in a bathroom look best when the floor is a bright color. If you want to paint your bathroom walls a darker color, then using a tone for the trim that is similar to the main wall color but slightly lighter will really help the room to look clean and interesting. When you use darker colors, try to add in shades of the color, or darker colors that match the main color, to help the room to look more uniform and interesting.


When you paint your bathroom ceiling a color that is lighter than the walls, then that can create the illusion that the ceiling is higher. Painting the ceiling a color that is darker than the walls can make the bathroom seemed more confined.

Floors and Walls

When you paint your bathroom walls, you should try to tie the room together with the floor. If your floor tile has a colorful pattern in it, then pick a color from that pattern to paint the walls. This unifying color will be very complimentary to the entire bathroom design scheme. If your floor tile is a solid color, then get paint samples and find a color that best compliments the floor tile color. Bathroom walls that are not painted to match the floor can make the bathroom look awkward.

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