Benefits of Having a Slate Roof

Slate roofs are not just long-lasting, they are also watertight and resistant to the wear and tear caused by the natural elements. For centuries slate has been rightfully acclaimed for its natural beauty and remarkable resistance to wear and tear. Although most of the homeowners opt for slate roofing for its aesthetic appeal, knowingly or unknowingly they also end up increasing their property value because of multifarious benefits of having a slate roof.

The natural linear fissures of the slate material allow you to cut the material along with smooth edges so that all the slates can fit together without causing rough and irregular surfaces.

Although the qualities of slate vary with the characteristics of the rock it has been obtained from, the slate for your roof must possess both toughness and hardness. When it is tough it’s easier to punch in nails and cut the pieces to various sizes without it chipping or breaking at the seams.

The hardness prevents it from absorbing water during moist climate and the recurring expansions and contractions that can cause the nail holes to enlarge, loosening the roof as a consequence.

Homeowners opting for a slate roofing also enjoy lower insurance premiums because of having a fire resistant roof – since slate is made of stone, it doesn’t catch fire easily. With most of the slates having an absorption index of less than 0.4% they are very resistant to water and therefore, they are not prone to cracking with the change of season. Due to the flat surface and easy positioning they can withstand intense winds and they can easily survive through severe hail storms without much damage.

It also reduces your energy costs because of its natural insulation capabilities. Whether you want to preserve cooler air inside or warm air, a slate roof doesn’t let it easily escape.

Why use slate over other roofing materials?

  • Slate gives you an unparalleled mix of durability and natural beauty
  • It can be cut into thin tiles of uniform thickness without much difficulty
  • A wide selection of natural slate colors and rich textures can enhance the aesthetic sense of any construction
  • An average roof made of slate can last for more than 120 years without repairs.
  • Slate being 100% natural building material, it requires minimal processing and consequently, incurs less wastage of materials
  • Slate reclaimed from older buildings can be reused for newer constructions
  • No chemicals or synthetic materials required unlike other artificial roofing materials
  • Slate roofs are fire resistant, they are waterproof and they don’t retain snow or ice
  • Easily repairable after accidental breakage
  • Slate roofs are insect resistance as insects cannot easily burrow into slate, lay eggs or build colonies inside the crevices

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