How to Roof a House Using Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a common material used in roofing today. Many people use this type of roof due to the economical price and the durability. This type of roof has lower labor costs than most, because it is fairly easy to install when compared to other roof types used on houses. Here are instructions on […]

Types of Roofs in Massachusetts

Characteristics of Each Type of Roof When choosing to replace or repair a roof, it is important to understand the different types of roofs in Massachusetts that are best. Understanding the difference between each roof type will be helpful in deciding what type of roof to choose. The roofing contractor would be able to help […]

Safety Harnesses and Your Roofing Contractor

Why should your roofing contractor use a safety harness? When a contractor is installing or repairing a roof on a home, it is important that they use the proper safety equipment to prevent injury. The contractor should be using this type of equipment at all times when they are on a roof in order to […]

Slate Roof Repair in Massachusetts

Massachusetts offers a beautiful countryside, but this does not come without the weather that can drastically affect a homeowner’s roof. Weather can cause all sorts of damage over time to a roof. This damage can gradually become worse over time, so if a homeowner notices that their roof is beginning to show signs of damage, […]

A more energy efficient home in Massachusetts

How to start making your home more energy efficient in Massachusetts Although you can take numerous small steps to make your home more energy efficient, a greater level of efficiency can be attained by minimizing energy consumption and maximizing conservation at all levels. In order to make your home energy efficient you need to carry out […]

Importance of Your Roof When Insulating Your Home

Insulation is considered as one of the key climate friendly technologies as it helps you conserve power without high-tech and costly appliances. Efficient insulation minimizes energy loss during harsh winter by keeping inside as much heat as possible. Much energy is wasted when heat escapes through your roof and your heating appliances have to work […]

How to Repair a Slate Roof

Although a slate roof requires minimal maintenance, some eventualities may cause some damage that needs to be repaired. Among many benefits of having a slate roof, one of the biggest benefit is an easy repair. Since the slate roof is made up of multiple slabs, if a single slab is damaged, it can be easily […]

Benefits of Having a Slate Roof

Slate roofs are not just long-lasting, they are also watertight and resistant to the wear and tear caused by the natural elements. For centuries slate has been rightfully acclaimed for its natural beauty and remarkable resistance to wear and tear. Although most of the homeowners opt for slate roofing for its aesthetic appeal, knowingly or […]

How To Paint Over a Textured Surface

Some home’s surfaces such as walls and ceilings are textured and contain bumps, dips and crevices. While these textured surfaces might improve the outward appearance of a home’s interior they can be tough to paint. The bumps, dips and crevices can react differently to the paint that is used and cause potential problems to arise. […]

Textured House Paint – Top 5 Articles

Top 5 Articles about Textured House Paint: How to Paint over a Textured Surface – Daniel Fox How to Texture a Wall – Benjamin Moore How to Add Texture to Paint – wikiHow Decorative Paint Technique: Venetian Plaster – DIY Network Faux Painting Techniques – HGTV When homeowners decide to start using textured paint in their homes, it’s usually something […]